What is the Class in the Kitchen Refund Policy?"

Let's form a resolution together!

Class in the Kitchen serves as an intermediary between the Cooking Instructor and Student.  After first requesting a refund from the trainer, the client is able to request a refund from Trainasium by submitting a "Dispute" through our resolution center.   This will allow Trainasium to help the client and trainer form a resolution for any issue at hand.   If the client and trainer do not reach a mutual agreement, a Trainasium resolution specialist will investigate the claim and bring the matter to a conclusion.

Steps for requesting a refund through the Trainasium Dispute Resolution Center:

Simply scroll to the bottom of any Trainasium public page (any page that is not in your client portal) and click on the blue "Support Center" link or click "HERE".  At the top of the Trainasium Support Center page, click on "Submit a request" (for mobile devices, the "Submit a request" button will be at the bottom of the Support Center page.)  Fill in the request form completely and in the "Description" field, enter your instructors name, session date and time for which you are requesting a refund.  Also, please provide any and all information that would help our Trainasium Resolution Specialist quickly complete your request.  We strive to complete all request within 5-7 business days.

There are some cases that warrant an automatic refund for clients and they are:

  • Canceling or rescheduling a session 24 hours or more before the beginning of the scheduled session.
  • Technical difficulties that leads to the client not being able to receive their booked session. Note: If the client is having trouble connecting to the session or has a poor connection, they should log out and send our Customer Support Center a message stating the problem they are having before the first 15 minutes of the session is complete.  This is the only way to receive a full refund for this type of issue.
  • Misstating proficiency within a subject area without the requisite knowledge
  • Grossly negligent in providing the session, i.e. under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • No show for scheduled class

*Please note that repeat requests for refunds will be investigated and if abuse is determined, it will lead to account suspension for the client.

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