How does the Class in the Kitchen Dispute Resolution Process work?

In order to submit a dispute request, click here. You must include your email address in the email section, enter "Dispute Request" in the Subject area.   ln the description area, enter your full name, the cooking class name, date, time and the instructor name (which is displayed on your cooking class receipt and email confirmation). In the description area, be sure to also provide a detailed explanation of your dispute.  The more information you provide, the better our Dispute Resolution Specialist will be able to investigate your dispute request.

If a student raises a dispute about the instructor's completed class, the payment will be held by Class in the Kitchen until a Dispute Resolution Specialist has completed investigating the particular case at which time the decision will be made to continue with instructor payout or issuance of a student refund.  Our Dispute Resolution Center strives to have disputes solved within 5 business days although most of the time, it is much sooner.  


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