Why is it important to add an explainer video for each of your cooking classes?

While potential students are scrolling through a listing, they are looking for images that stand out to them.  If they are able to see a short video of you explaining why your class is amazing and why they should sign up for it, they will have a better idea of how awesome you are, therefore leading them to want to click "Sign Up" on your listing.  Listed below, are a few reasons why providing an explainer video with your classes are important:

Capture your audiences' attention-If you are teaching a pasta making class, give a little sample of you rolling out or kneading pasta demonstrating your skills.  Be sure to give a brief introduction of yourself, your cooking class and what they will learn.  Be sure that your video has a wow factor that engages every potential student that views it.

Create a higher level of interest-Instead of your potential students having to guess what type of personality and what type of skills you have to offer them, they will be able to easily figure out who your are and just how great your cooking classes will be by viewing your class video. Purchasing decisions are made fairly quickly, your video will help your potential students speed up the purchasing process tremendously.

Clarify your cooking class benefits to the students-The first question anyone asks themselves before making a purchase is, "How will this benefit me?"  The same thing is true for your potential students, browsing through your cooking class listing.  An explainer video will allow you to inform your viewers of each unique culinary skill they will gain from taking your classes. When a true benefit is discovered, it frequently leads to a purchase.

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