What fees are associated with your service?

There are no fees to list your live, online cooking classes through Class in the Kitchen.  The only fee that is associated with Class in the Kitchen is our 20% marketplace fee.  This fee just helps us maintain the website and handle the administrative aspect of the service.

There is a nominal fee for receiving your student's payments that comes from PayPal or Authorize.net. This fee is 2.9%+.30 on each transaction through our system, per your class fee. The only other small fee comes from PayPal when Class in the Kitchen deposits your weekly earnings to you PayPal account.  This fee is 2% of the deposited amount, not to exceed $1.00 per transfer.  


Class in the Kitchen Instructor's Weekly Earnings=250.00

Class in the Kitchen Marketplace Fee: 20%

Authorize.Net/PayPal Payment Gateway Fee: 2.9%+.30

PayPal Weekly Earnings Transfer Fee: 2% of deposited amount, not to exceed $1.00


Weekly Earning After Subtracting All Fees:

A. $250 (Weekly Earnings) x .20 (Marketplace Fee Percentage)=$50.00 (Class in the Kitchen Fee)

B. Subtract the $50.00 from the weekly earnings: $250-%$50.00=$200.00 (Earnings Before Payment Gateway Fee and Earnings Transfer Fee)

C. $200 x .029 + $0.30 (Payment Gateway Fee Percentage)=$6.10 (payment gateway fee)

D. Subtract the payment gateway fee from the earnings in section B.

E. $200.00 - $6.10 = $193.90 (Earnings Before Weekly PayPal Transfer Fee)

F. Multiply your earnings from section E by 2%

G. $193.90 x .02= $3.88 (Since the red $3.88 amount is greater that $1.00, the weekly transfer fee will only be $1.00 because the transfer fee is not to be greater than $1.00. 

H. $193.90 - $1.00= $192.90 deposited into your PayPal Account.



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