What are the Class in the Kitchen Student and Instructor Culinary Learning Community Guidelines?

Class in the Kitchen Culinary Learning Community Guidelines

Class in the Kitchen is an online marketplace for learning culinary skills in a small group setting, instructors and students connect online to share their love of food and discover new culinary skills and techniques through live, interactive online cooking classes.

  • Class in the Kitchen Classes are Independent Businesses 
  • Individuals 18 and older can set up a cooking class through Class in the Kitchen.
  • Individuals younger than 18 must have their parent or guardian sign up for their classes through Class in the Kitchen.  Class in the Kitchen recommends parents and guardians monitor the instruction of any underage individual while cooking classes are taking place.
  • Each instructor may have their own set of policies and refund options. All cooking classes on Class in the Kitchen must provide exceptional customer service and abide by their class policies.   Class in the Kitchen trusts each instructor to provide information about themselves and their credentials truthfully.   If an instructor has been found to be making false representations about their qualifications or themselves in general, this will lead to account termination for that instructor.
  • Class in the Kitchen has the right to delete any cooking class listings that does not comply with Class in the Kitchen's terms of use and community guidelines.
  • Instructors and students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner while using Class in the Kitchen to provide and receive culinary instruction. 
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