What are some things I could do to enhance my live, online cooking classes?

This article will give you information about tools you could use to give your clients a better overall class experience which could lead to a higher retention rate of your clients.  Here are a few things you could do to make your sessions operate more smoothly: 

Preparing the Cooking Space

Prepare your kitchen to provide your live, online cooking classes in. Here are a few tips for creating an amazing space that will closely resemble a cooking network show set and your students will be sure to truly appreciate!


•Make sure your kitchen is without loud noises and distractions (kids or pets).

•Ensure your kitchen is tidy and doesn't include clutter that would seem unprofessional.

•Be sure not to give your cooking classes with you standing in front of a bright window.  As the sunlight shines from behind you, it will diminish your video quality, making it hard for your students to see you.

•Make sure to use some type of lighting system to get optimal viewing quality for your students.  I have attached a video below that will give you some good tips on lighting and looking your best during your live cooking classes.
Setting the Stage

When preparing for your cooking classes, set up your counter space as if you had your own television cooking show.  Sit out a bowl of real fruit or a vase of freshly cut flowers.  Your students will be delighted in knowing that you have taken time to prepare for them and they are actually able to work with a true culinary professional! 

The most important thing is to have a good webcam.  The webcams that most computers and laptops have are usually sufficient.  If you want to enhance your classes for your students, it is a good idea to get an external webcam at some point.  We have tried many webcams and found the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p to be one of the best webcams available.
Although a headset is not required, it is really good to have in order to help eliminate background noise and it allows you to be heard very clearly.  If you are giving classes that requires you to be a good distance away from your computer, it's a good idea to get a Wireless headset.  We recommend the Samson XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless system.  Through testing of many headsets, this one proves to work the best.  This is headset can be purchased by clicking here:
Samson XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless system

Free Multiple Web Cam. Software
Manycam is a free multiple web camera software that will allow you to toggle between several webcam angles during your cooking class.  This is useful when you are using the counter top and want to show what you're doing there and then going over to the stove and showing what you're doing there as well.   It's an easy download and will really help your students get more from your cooking classes.  Get the free ManyCam download here.  Access "how to" videos to become a ManyCam pro. Just click here.

Adjustable Web Camera Stand(s)
While giving your cooking classes it is important that you show what you are doing with your hands as well as be able to see your face when you are talking to the camera.  A good adjustable stand will help you get optimal camera placement and allow you to move the web camera for better positioning when needed. The webcam stand we recommend can be purchased by clicking here:Web Cam Stand
Wifi Extender
Because cooking classes are carried out in the kitchen, sometimes wifi signals can be unsteady at times since this area is usually far away from the router.  A wifi extender can be purchased which can amplify the wireless internet signal in your home.  This will help ensure the class will not drop on your end due to a bad signal.  We recommend Netgear Power Line 1200 Mbps, 1 Gigabit Port.  This extender can be purchased by clicking here:  Netgear Power Line 1200 Mbps, 1 Gigabit Port

(Remember the equipment and free software listed in the article above is not required, they are suggestions only)
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