How much should I charge for my cooking classes?

When providing a service, it is important to be competitive in your pricing. When there's a service that is priced extremely low, there is usually an automatic preconception that the quality of the service will be low as well.  To ensure your cooking class prices are competitive with other instructors, you should research the pricing of other instructors in your area as well as the internet.  If it is your first time providing classes online using video conferencing capabilities, you could charge slightly less for your cooking classes until you become use to your new instruction method.  Also, since ingredients for each students don't need to be purchased and a venue does not need to rented, the savings can be passed down to the client allowing for more affordable prices.

A good rule of thumb when figuring out what to charge for classes is deciding how much you would like to make on an hourly basis by providing your cooking instruction.  If you are offering a private session, that figure will be your hourly rate .  If your class is shorter than that, you could use the divide by quarter hour increments as listed below:

  • 45 minute session-Divide hourly figure by .75
  • 30 minute session-Divide hourly figure by .5
  • 15 minute session-Divide hourly figure by .25

If offering small group sessions, you could use the same steps as above and divide that amount by the number of clients you are willing to have in that session.  If you're still unsure, $25.00 for a half hour is a good starting price until you can figure out your class pricing model.

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