I'm not sure of what information to put in my Instructor Bio, any ideas?

Writing a bio can serve as a great tool for your potential students to get to know you.  Here are a few ideas and key points your bio should include:

  • Give your potential cooking students an idea of who you are and what your current culinary role is
  • List your skills and experiences.  If you have a particular recipe or skill that you are known for, place that in your bio.  Be sure to write about any chef experiences as well as any knowledge you've gained along the way.  If you have a particular cuisine that you are great at, that would be a good addition to your chef bio.
  • Talk about your culinary background, awards and interest.  This is also a great time to list any education that you may have.  Tell your reader why you have a passion for the culinary arts.
  • Make potential students interested in you.  List a few interesting facts about yourself.  Let them see who you are outside of the kitchen.  By doing this, you will seem more personable to your reader.
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