How can I make my cooking class stand out?

Creating your Class in the Kitchen class listing is quick easy!  Just remember, this is your “sales presentation”. As an instructor, this is how Class in the Kitchen helps you advertise your classes. Take your time and make sure every section includes details that will compel viewers to click “Sign Up”.

Listed below, are a few tips to help you create a compelling cooking class listing:

Upload a Photo and Video
Your class photo/video is your digital introduction and first impression with your potential students. It's important to look your best and the right photo/video will go a long way in receiving more clicks for your class. View our tips for creating amazing photos/videos by clicking here.

Class Listing Headline That Grabs Viewer’s Attention
Your Class in the Kitchen Headline is very much like a newspaper headline. It’s just a short sentence to grab your viewer's attention and compel them to click, to find out more. Example: “Cook like an Italian Chef!”

Provide a detailed Class Description

Your class description is found on your class purchase page.  Be sure to give a brief overview of your class and let your potential students know exactly what they can expect to learn from your classes.  This is also the area where you can list special instructions, ingredients/equipment needed or any type of advance preparation for this particular class. 

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