Are there any requirements for becoming a Class in the Kitchen instructor?

The requirements for being independently contracted by Class in the Kitchen to teach cooking classes are listed below.

All trainers must:

  • Have a computer or laptop with a webcam or webcam capabilities  
  • Have access to the internet with a speed of 1.5 mbps up/down to ensure a quality connection during the live, online cooking class.  Check your internet speed by clicking "HERE" to test your speed at
  • Not have a violent criminal history record.  Cooking instructors that would like to teach kid or teen cooking classes must complete a successful background check.  Click "HERE" for more information about the background check process.
  • Teach culinary skills and recipes approved by Class in the Kitchen
  • Have or be able to create a PayPal account to receive payments for completed classes
  • Have a valid US address and Taxpayer Identification Number (ex: social security number)  to be able to complete a W-9 form in the event that $599.99 is earned through Class in the Kitchen over the course of a tax year.
  • Interview with our Cooking Instructor Recruiting Specialist 



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