What are the benefits of providing online cooking classes through Class in the Kitchen

The benefits of providing cooking classes through Class in the Kitchen are many but the main reasons are listed below:


Free instructor profile and class listings on our platform Capture the ability to be seen by millions of potential clients looking to learn the exact same type of cooking skills and recipes that you offer. There are no overhead fees or cost.  The only way that we are successful is if you are successful. Click here to request to become one of our cooking instructors.

Built in Video Conference Software for Live Learning Sessions Take advantage of our built in video conference software that eliminates the need for instructors and students to have to create accounts with third part video conference providers to carry out cooking classes. All you have to do is log into your dashboard, click the blue "start class" button and your cooking class will start from there!

Local and national marketing campaigns Be a part of our local and national marketing plans to attract new students to our platform and ensure our current students are happy to help us spread the word

On the go access to your instructor dashboard and class management tools Create and manage cooking classes from your mobile device by using our website's responsive format.  Class in the Kitchen webpages will stretch to one of the largest computer monitors and scale down to a smart phone device without distorting images or information.  

Live, online cooking classes  Attract students from anywhere in the world by offering your live, online cooking classes through our platform.  You no longer have to let your geographic location restrict who you are able to reach with your culinary expertise!

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